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January 3, 2024      Discovery is moving along and getting very interesting.  Meanwhile here are some definitions from Black's Law Dictionary, alongside binding case law, and California statutes plainly stated for all to consider carefully in light of undisputed facts.

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August 11, 2023      

Court ordered Mandatory Settlement Conference for January 2024

and TRIAL to begin April 2024.      Time for some DISCOVERY.

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Complaint for Wrongful Foreclosure filed March 22, 2023.

After being served and summoned with the complaint, one of the defendants attempted to reactivate sheriff's writ of eviction.   Forced to seek an order of protection, we won preliminary injunction.

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Lis Pendens active

June 22, 2023

No one at my house gets evicted EVER -- we won injunction and posted the court's "nominal bond" of a one-time $5k (done). Wrongful foreclosure tort action moves forward into discovery as we  proceed.   Spiritual war.

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Preliminary Injunction granted 06/08/2023

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Transcript of hearing on Injunction OSC

Receipt $5k bond posted 06202023.jpeg

Court-ordered bond posted - Eviction stayed.

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Moving papers to win  Injunction   (partial documents)     05/15/2023 and 06/01/2023

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Order granting temporary

restraining order 05/15/23

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Transcript of Hearing

TRO Granted 05/15/2023

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