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What happened August 25, 2021 in this unlawful detainer case .... and where does it point to next?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Recently in the last week or two, Alameda County's limited case classification unlawful detainer courts took a turn that appears contrary to local law enacted by county lawmakers, and started to rule that "homeowners" are no longer "covered residents" under a temporary eviction moratorium. With no amendment or alteration or statement from our local

lawmakers to indicate such a change, nor

any change in status of the homeowner or her home.

Transcript of hearing August 25, 2021: NOTE: My phone line was abruptly cut-off before I could rebut the final segment; but plaintiff's attorney was allowed to continue to speak absent my ability to defend. Nevertheless, this is telling we believe: <HERE>

See [General Ordinance and search for 6.120].


Many of us homeowners then, saving up for attorney fees or using the time to explore a reasonable alternative to keep our homes are suddenly and swiftly faced with our good county sheriff's department also somewhat blindsided with writs of evictions arriving on their desks: We've had a health-emergency-driven eviction moratorium county-wide for ALL residents for a whole year ... so now what is proper?

"Sometimes it is our sacred duty to ask for help, and receive it."

Legal Definition of Action in Rem: "When there is a dispute related to a property title and the rights related to the title, the court will use action in rem to resolve the dispute..."

Nemo dat quod non habet, literally meaning "no one gives what they do not have", is a legal rule, sometimes called the nemo dat rule, that states that the purchase of a possession from someone who has no ownership right to it also denies the purchaser any ownership title. (more)

Next steps are guided by the One whose purpose I completely trust -- praying for guidance and discernment.

The task before me continues: to do a good job with Jesus' house and HIS legal case, and everything connected with it, for His purposes. So I remain in gratitude and peace.

What freedom to know Him!


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