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What the heck is "ROBO-SIGNING" anyway?  A hero, John O'Brien, Salem MA Registrar of Deeds, but FIVE YEARS AGO?  Too long run-ning fraud, America!  Isn't it?  

Dec. 2, 1964

Sproul Plaza,

UC Berkeley

Mario Savio

speech:  The Operation of the Machine

Suggestion: Watch the 6 videos 

below, top to bottom in sequence.

There are opinions and experiences expressed in these videos, as well as thorough research which one can commit one's own due diligence to corroborate:  I encourage this. I can not and do not endorse every single statement or assertion contained herein, nor am I officially promoting or representing any of these films or filmmakers.  Rather I feel that curious and caring human beings can find   information that is vital and  enlight-ening for further consideration. Personally I have found these sets of information relevant to my freedom and awakening.

Animated Films 

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