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An elite investment banker got fired after his most successful year for reasons you just must hear -

"We need an awakening -- we

need to know that so much is really not okay...." ~ Mads Palsvig. Watch it here

The irony should not be lost here -- this man's narrative is in the most fascinating context given his former highly lucrative career.

From the talk: Definition of "anarchy" ~ an (against) archons (evil rulers); i.e. someone who is opposed to having rulers, who does not consent to rule by archons. Hmmm.... why don't we call it "anarchony?" Maybe we should -- and then have the conversation.

Well, I also count myself against evil rulers and I do not consent to slavery and tyranny. Because it is unjust, violent and a violation of Universal Natural Law. But I thought "anarchy" meant chaos??? WRONG. That's what our schools and mainstream media and prevailing culture taught us that the word meant - they were simply wrong.

Well, waking up has presented increasing numbers of us with the actual etymological meaning of "anarchy." Along with a host of other important words and their meanings. Many concepts and terms unveiled here.

Host of the Anarchast podcast, Jeff Berwick, makes timely and intriguing commentary as well. Check it out.

[related video: ] Rick Falkvinge, founder of Sweden's "Pirate Party" interviewed.

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