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"All Wars Are Bankers' Wars" ~ video of historical overview as the backdrop of curren

This website was started by a blogger seeking historical and factual context for the "foreclosure crisis" sweeping through her home and her country this past decade in a continuing steam roller of damage and harm to Main Street families everywhere. But how are foreclosures and wars connected? Answer: Both are orchestrated by and benefit the same global banking elite. [40 min. video below, click image]

And what do the men and women on the front line say about recent wars? LISTEN.

Written transcript of the

The problem with refusing to consider upsetting ones own apple cart, it seems to me, is that later when your cart eventually crashes because it runs headlong into the truth; you'll lose your apples anyway. Waking up to the truth and rejecting the lies no matter how painful the initial sting, is nevertheless at its core, a life-saving endeavor, and knowledge is the best preparation for what is on the horizon.

The alternative would be to get blind-sided; which is what happened to millions of homeowners in the foreclosure crisis. We who managed to regain some semblance of function in the wake of these relentless attacks to oust our families out of house and home, have been driven to study the many moving parts in the workings of what is now called a "foreclosure machine." A central tenet of both schemes is for the machine to run it must commit THEFT of our inherent property, i.e. theft of our signatures, of our consent by deceptive practices and undisclosed unconscionable adhesion contracts, of our bodies and our minds: both machines are based on a structure of deceit and deception, using clever word-magic known as "legalese" which twists definitions without a dictionary to disclose their true meanings and injurious applications. This foreclosure-machine architecture resembles a war-machine for reasons clarified in the video presented here; the architects of both are the same entities.

Landless homeless citizens form canon fodder as soldiers for these wars: an apparent motto for the global banking elite. These are wars of invasion and aggression not to champion democracy and freedom -- don't fall for clever marketing. War is for profit, at the expense of both American and foreign lives and well-being. There appears to be a logical sequence here -- based on this 40 minute video titled "All Wars are Bankers' Wars." We are all tasked to do our own diligence - research history for yourself. Hint: our public education and textbooks don't teach this in schools. The reasons for that might be due to the same elite bankers controlling the content of textbooks by controlling the funding to run the same schools. This is precisely why we must keep the internet open and free of censorship.

Yes, this video and its implications can be gut wrenching (as well as eliciting of outrage, rebuttal and protest from some); to the extent that any of us who excelled in public school and may even have a successful career in banking or finance and champion the current narrative and the status quo. Even so, we are in these times asked to consider that while waking up is hard to do; its ultimately easier than staying asleep.

And furthermore, liberation based on true knowledge gives life, while slavery steeped in a stupor of ignorance is unnatural and murders the spirit within each one of us; whether we are perpetrating the slavery or suffering under its yoke. Sadly many under slavery's yoke end up defending the very constructs of their own enslavement; out of ignorance or because its familiar and the approved norm. Certainly our freedom is never handed to us by our oppressors; we have to claim our rights and climb a steep mountain to secure them for ourselves.

Can we see the connection that when families are made homeless, landless and devastated materially, financially and emotionally through fraudulent dispossession of their very homes and farms and lands; these conditions are conducive for them to join the military out of desperation and survival. The need for basic services available by "the government," may and have caused many to turn to Big Brother for handouts, thus effectuating the semblance of goodwill, herding people into psychological and physical control and coercion. [Smedley Butler's career as elite military leader turned author of "War is a Racket" should raise ones eyebrows as well as ones intellect.]

This is a heavy and sobering and enraging expose. Own or rent video here: OR Watch for free, on youtube.

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