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"You are NOT the Boss of ME." 1776

Brilliant speech about the Declaration of Independence and the Spirit of '76 by a fellow American man named Larken Rose here.

Fast forward 240 years.

Read the transcript of this historic press conference here.

We are Americans. We are diverse in gender, color, culture ..... yet our diversity IS our strength WHEN we upgrade and evolve our capacities to define and authenticate BY PRACTICE our adherence to Universal Natural Law which is to abide by what is true and correct, and refrain from harming or stealing from another living being. To defraud another is theft of truth; and a harmful wrong action.

Whistleblowers and especially bank and Wall Street whistleblowers who no longer want to participate in such harm as a construct of their terms of employment must be given safe harbor and practical support - for these are the ones who will risk much to prevent further harm on many.

Indeed far too many young "successful" bank executives and Wall Street men have died by strange and suspicious suicides .... what would have prevented these tragic deaths? It is up to Main Street to craft safe harbor for those who didn't see any way out. The tragedy on both Wall Street and Main Street is our collective haunting ... let's bring in the light. This Press Conference is bright light with fervor!

We forge partnerships where none existed before; we can't wait for Wall Street to do it ... maybe all us on Main Street, this scrappy bunch of moms and workers and bootstrap entrepreneurs ... maybe these 3000 dollar suit guys need us to weave them that safety net..... before they jump, or are jumped. No more financing these wars and toxicities ... its 2018 .. New Year's Day in fact today. We've been called.

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