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BofA denied me a loan modification over four YEARS of repeated applications with proof of my ability

This woman never missed a payment; then received solicitation from Bank of America by mail and then she was APPROVED for a modified loan which saved her and her family $600/month from their previous mortgage payment. She was given the modified loan, and paid it every single month ... until Bank of America suddenly switched the tables on her and STOLE HER HOME in foreclosure - claiming she had not actually qualified and was therefore "in default" on her original loan!!!! Her beloved family home of decades was then "sold" at auction; which was arguably a void sale; but nonetheless she has been evicted and dispossessed of home and shelter and lawful rights in exactly the manner reported in the CBS News feature.

Former bank employees testify in court cases that they were "encouraged to sabotage loan modification processes" at Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the other major bank and servicing companies. Watch the clip for forensic accountant reporting on findings.

We are sick and tired of the criminal sociopathy and broken debauchery of what is going on in America and these bank corporations and their crony "mortgage-servicing" firms.

If you were this elderly woman, mother, grandmother, aunt and honest citizen simply paying her mortgage payment to Bank of America ..... to have this blindside you: WHAT WOULD A REASONABLE PERSON DO?????

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