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Claim your home on Zillow and apprise the public of what you think they should know - especially if

I stumbled upon this not long ago when I contacted Zillow to have them remove the "pre-foreclosure auction" notation on my house from their website, because at the time the date Zillow had was no longer applicable, it had been postponed. I saw that as the homeowner I could edit "Home Facts" when in Owner-View mode, so I did!

Here's the final result after I got done with Zillow's free online update service! Listing HERE

At first I only entered text, then I realized I could add photos! So there's this website Home page, a movie trailer for "99 Homes" -- a heart-wrenching timely thriller -- and even pages 1 and 2 of my Quiet Title Complaint! Wow, I can't explain the relief and elation exactly -- of having spent years agonizing over the utter failing of any semblance of legally proper public documents appearing in my County Clerk Recorder's office for my property under my name(s); when suddenly I could just type away at home and see it up on Zillow. I knew that most people who might be thinking of bidding on my home if it ever did go to auction -- would likely see the Zillow listing; for, hopefully, an education into "foreclosures" they weren't expecting to get; but would be willfully ignorant and at risk to themselves if ignorance would remain their willful choice.

I was able to enter all this:

"WARNING: THIS PROPERTY IS IN ACTIVE LITIGATION - Call Aztec Foreclosure Corp to verify this fact: 877-257-0717.Aztec and Nationstar and Cyprexx have been forced to indefinitely CANCEL listing this property for sale "pending litigation." I am owner-occupant of my principle residence, this property. There is an active lawsuit on this property, by Plaintiff-Owner Renee S Yamagishi aka Renee S. Ramos, in the Superior Court of CA- Alameda County, YAMAGISHI v. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC, et al. RG-17852775. (A "Lis Pendens" does not appear in Recorder's office because my judge requires I plead to have it filed since I'm self-represented and don't have an attorney; even though the case IS active and that fact is verifiable by visiting the Court or by online search of court-filed pleadings.) Entire case uploaded to

At header at top of site click on buttons to open link to all documents referenced here including the entire complaint. NO PARTY HAS SUCCESSFULLY REBUTTED MY COMPLAINT and there is a hearing on their Demurrer August 15, 2017. Check public records at the court for the case to read my Answer in Objection (pending). 07/08/2017 updatedA Trustee Deed Upon Sale can not be lawfully filed pending litigation. Also Unlawful Detainer "Court"is non-judicial but I've MOVED the dispute into judicial to State Court against Nationstar Mortgage LLC "servicer" and Aztec Foreclosure "trustee" have fraudulently named a so-called "Creditor" and "Lender" on the Notice of Trustee Sale filed in Alameda County Recorder's Office that DOES NOT EXIST! Aegis Lending Corporation declared bankruptcy in 2007 ceased to exist! "MERS" is an entity whose own CEO admitted in Deposition NEVER takes title and can't convey or assign title interest to ANY aspect of the property, and several State Supreme Courts have ruled that MERS can not preside in any way shape or form as a party moving to foreclose.

The "WILMINGTON TRUST as Successor Trustee ..." is also an entity who is subject to proof of standing in the lawsuit. Therefore I am suing against and seeking to settle or negotiate with the TRUE CURRENT OWNER OF THE DEBT - who is NOT the non-existant "Aegis Lending Corporation" nor MERS who has no lawful status relevant to any attempt at foreclosure. See And Case #RG17852775, YAMAGISHI v. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC, et al, Sup.Ct.CA for Alameda County. Consult your legal advisor.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE HOME: I myself and/or my parents, siblings, children, nieces and nephews have CONTINUALLY lived in this house since 1965 when I was a toddler. I and three siblings were raised in this house. After Bank of America denied me four loan modification applications with no lawful reason despite my ability to pay, I have been in active litigation against all parties attacking me and my family to foreclose instead of working out a settlement with me. see"

It appears the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is investigating Zillow for some possible violations of proper business conduct -- but at least some folks there are allowing us homeowners to participate in duly informing the otherwise unwary public; and that's a good thing. Clearly, if you are a homeowner choosing to do what I did here, don't abuse that ability! Upload accurate information and keep it G-rated and professional, so Zillow insiders or influentials don't take down our capacity to do this.

Ultimately ALL stakeholders in real property transactions need to upgrade our conversations and capacities to apply reason, logic and honest conduct to our business dealings; or continue to suffer the degradation of the industry. Some business models may have to cease all together or modify completely so their practices do not perpetrate unjust harm. Some practices which may have become "legal" since finance deregulation circa 1998 have always remained unlawful because the practices are unjustifiably risky as to be nothing other than harmful, unfair, deceptive and wrong . Let's discuss this; together. Pronto.

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