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"We just bet against the entire American economy ... and won."  -- from the film 'The

As Americans I think our education on current events should include a viewing of the film The Big Short, woven into a book by Michael Lewis that reads like a crime-spree thriller.... only IT ALL REALLY HAPPENED, and we're all still reeling from greed addiction and debauchery of epic proportions in this country, spawned just within the last decade. One quote: "We just bet against the entire American economy ... and won." Christian Bale plays a real MD Michael Burry... and ummm, you just can't make this sh*t up. So ... what were the incentivization structures fueling The Foreclosure Machine? WATCH this shorter clip of a Credit Default Swap purchase by Burry, and below is 10 minutes that our grandchildren will hardly believe was possible.

And THIS: Check out "The Big Short: Watch 10 Dark and Hilarious Minutes From the Film" on YouTube:

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