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When you perpetrate harm unlawfully and the spotlight is on you ....

you might want to avoid having to defend against a TRO and Injunction Application from whoever is outraged a.f. at your atrocious conduct. Well turns out my attackers are at least intelligent enough to CANCEL indefinitely any credit bid auction and foreclosure sale and remove my property entirely from the sales report, for now. Official reason given by phone: "due to the litigation." While they could set a new sale date anytime, it doesn't appear likely until I file the next pleading into the court -- the official public record. I'm sure they expect to see some of the same evidence I've cordially sent them by email BEFORE its part of the public record.

Yet three months ago when I informally suggested we agree to engage in formal Alternative Dispute Resolution supervised by the court, Nationstar and Aztec and Cyprexx and others instructed the Severson & Werson law firm to decline saying they "might be amenable to ADR in the future." OK, well I might not be amenable by then.

They know I won't be wasting the court's time making an application for TRO Temporary Restraining Order unless they didn't remove their threat of unlawful dispossession of my home through this disastrous "non-judicial" process in play in California's "title theory" protocols.

So now I am focusing on completing the FAC First Amended Complaint in objection and answer to their Demurrer, whose hearing they set wayyyy in the future to August 15. Ok, buckle up and load up with ammo - nouns, verbs and adjectives - wordsmithing the Light of reason and what's Right. I'm busy .... calmly busy, but busting ass nonetheless.

I've taken the reins, or they've spent some time actually reading my pleadings and exhibits and letters and emails with enough critical thinking skills to realize I HAVE the reins, am at the helm of my ship and have remained Captain at this helm from day one of applying for loan modification #1 back in 2008. Yep 8 1/2 years ago when America was largely asleep and we ASSumed we were dealing with a "lender" that actually meant a "lender" anywhere else in the English language where the word is customarily used. But add a few years of baffling traumatic thefts of home and dwelling run rampant across America and MANY of us realized that "loan" didn't mean "loan" and that you can't "modify" fraud and get anything other than a different flavor of fraud. No more loan mod applications since 2012 after the fourth denial from Bank of America with no valid or verifiable reason given. Litigation since 2014. But you know what? The water is fine! And I run wild and free through it.

----------reposting an earlier update from June 11, 2017:

So my adversaries who only know how to postpone are getting their (by now) customary reasons why postponing is really their only option again. Besides the fact that IF they complete bidding "ON THE LIEN AND NOT ON THE PROPERTY ITSELF" because no entity making any claim lawfully owns the property itself; And IF they file a Trustee's Deed Upon Sale post-auction THEN they have achieved the COMPLETION of the CRIME and subject themselves all to treble damages and a VERY amended lawsuit from me ..... it is my duty to continue to present lawful evidence that they should instead NEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH WITH ME -- since I have CONTINUALLY AND CONSISTENTLY offered to explore out of court settlement. Well -- I can step into any arena, so we march on, pen in hand, fingers on keyboard: NO, you will NOT attempt your harms upon my children's and grandchildren's heads without a fight.

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