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"Nationwide Title Clearing:  We FORGE your way to the appearance of clear title so you don'

An apt commentary on a ghastly article by top PR man of the company Nationwide Title Clearing ~

"O’Connell erroneously claims in his article that, 'assignments simply reflect the transfer of servicing rights from one servicer to another.” O’Connell is incorrect. Mortgage assignment reflects a change in creditor ownership, while the sale of servicing rights from servicer to servicer are entirely different matters. This is where the courts and people become confused believing that the servicer is the creditor and that the two are one in the same and the terms can be used interchangeably.'" [emphasis added]

Professional document production, read "forgery, fabrication and fraud," appear to be business as usual and a lucrative enterprise; that is, until enough sound-minded people cry a loud "Foul!" and declare our intolerance for such debauchery and atrocious misconduct.

We wholly withdraw our consent to the crime and seek remedy to clear the resulting cloud on our titles.

So here, KK MacKinstry's commentary from Neil Garfield's blog Living Lies concludes: "The description of O’Connell’s article should be, “A Key Step in the preparation of false assignments is to compare the data of the original documents on file at the county recorder’s office with the actual money trail. Since there is no valid assignment- we make one.” Gotcha.

Read O'Connell's PR piece (gag, puke) and commentary here:

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