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POSTPONED to May 23, 2017 - breaking news: the foreclosure postponement dance continues ... it look

What my adversaries don't know is I've learned to dance to my own music and they are poor shots anyway. [THOSE are your paper trail "proofs" you have the right to do this??? So ... no. You've been sued.]

Today after emailing and phone calling and all the other prayerful guerrilla-lawyering we in the trenches do .... the "wear-them-down-til-they-break" method of postponing auction dates every 30 days just did one of its moves which is to wait to just before D-Day and "postpone" the auction another 30 days out. For years. Welcome to my world.

This gives time for some HOPED-FOR meaningful dialogue between myself as Pro Per litigant and Nationstar's lawyers at Severson & Werson. We march on.

Yesterday the status was this: So far, even with active litigation and proof of service, opposing counsel and Nattionstar Mortgage LLC have not cancelled a scheduled foreclosure auction for April 25, 2017 at the Alameda County Courthouse steps, so therefore I mustPlead for Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on Tuesday April 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm, Superior Court of CA - Alameda County, 1221 Oak St., Oakland CA, YAMAGISHI v. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC, et al., in Judge Victoria Kolakowski's Court, Dept23. Will the court order stop to foreclosure auction in favor of a next hearing for Nationstar's attorneys to argue why they should be allowed to carry it out even while they've been sued in court alleging that for Nationtar to do so would be unlawful and subject to damages and serious counterclaims.

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