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Postponed to 04/25/2017

Postponement of a "credit bid auction" at a Foreclosure Sale which had been slated for tomorrow has given time-reprieve.

Spring Equinox, March 21, has instead become more festive, greeting Spring with renewal on all fronts. My ornamental cherry tree sprung first blooms too.

What we're going for now is for the Court to see fit to order two things: 1) an order to record the Lis Pendens so the world knows there is litigation affecting title to my home; and 2) to order an Injunction against any setting of auction date pending completion of the case, and continuing if we must appeal.

Clearly it makes no logical sense, nor would we be adhering to the Constitution, if during adjudication of the dispute and my claim for quiet title to the subject property, for defendants to simply carry out non-judicial paper pushing and auctioneering aimed at dispossessing me of the same subject property: I'm claiming they have no lawful right to do so: they must prove me wrong and prove that right before doing so.

Still there will be various hurdles to overcome - all par for the course.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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