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The heartbreak and the heart-opening:   

Chronology is documented above in the header of this website 

far right column, reading top to bottom

from about 2009 to present.

~ Introductory audio linked below - more audio and video to come

For more on our story see BLOG PAGE posts:  "Malum in Se and

Malum Prohibitum:  the Critical Difference"   and others

The unspeakable stress and damage to borrowers seeking simply to reinstate payments in a modified loan funded by taxpayer bailouts!!!  The true story from Main Street:  banks got bailed out while working people who need dwellings to live got sold out -- borrowers were OVERWHELMINGLY denied modifications to reinstate their good standing OR were given temporary trial loan periods as a temporary dupe to eventually resume swift surprise attack to ultimately foreclose instead.  Proving ownership of the loan also is found wanting - and borrowers have right to negotiate directly with the true owner under governing law of the Constitution and Uniform Commercial Code governing borrower rights in contract, yet this right denied by third-party debt-collector "mortgage servicers"  who prove zero standing or right to attack for ANY party, and who enact a NON-JUDICIAL  process and "trustee sale" instead, even while borrower has brought JUDICIAL complaint and the case still active.  SEE "CASE UPDATES' page.

Bank of America Whistleblower Employees

Listen Below

[AUDIO Nov. 2016]

Correction: CalCivCodeProc 2924 (A)(6)

Note on the above audio:    We were heading into Thanksgiving 2016 with a  mid-January 2017 sale date staring us in  the face from a Notice posted to our front door  the first week of November.  What's  new?   The same "Ruin All Three Winter Family Gatherings: Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Year"  gameplay was enacted by the SAME Aztec Foreclosure Corporation and LOGS Network franchisee two years prior in 2014-2015 against our family, and primarily against myself since I was and continue to be self-represented.  LOGS Network is a national "foreclosure documents and services franchise" operation partnered with Nationstar and other "mortgage-servicers,"  they also own their own auction company -- a one-stop shop for attorneys to set up a franchisee practice.  


We have learned the hard way how to block these attacks, and so far I've blocked them on SEVERAL auction dates.  Each one takes a true toll on us!    A November 2016 complaint got a postponement until a new State action filed March 2017, and that whole year 2017 was a rough year health-wise for me, though with litigation active and  me "treading water,"  no sale dates could schedule;  but the court dismissed the case with prejudice without ever going to trial or discovery -- no merits of either side were ever tried.  Sheer faith and belief and greater knowledge kept us afloat even though every day we were unprotected from another auction scheduling during the entire first half of 2018.  From the New Year 2018 health regained steadily, and we filed new lawsuit in May 2018 which is active.   We remain in possession of home; aiming for resolution and an end to this draining debilitating hijacking of our lives.


Yes we have learned to show up for this sacred war; yet the wounds are real and there is great sacrifice, unrelenting until conclusion. Strength  and a deep and profound peace only comes from a deeper place untouched by the foibles of man-made mistaken notions.  This Source is how we aim to take "home" home this year 2018; and it is a peaceful revolution that rejects victimhood.

June 30, 2018 update:   We are in active litigation (see above full lawsuit in header section, middle column thumbnail):   Very recently new attorneys for the mortgage-servicer Nationstar have contacted us, asking if we have a "settlement demand" for them to take back  to Nationstar.  This is the first ever such gesture of willingness to work anything out and avoid litigation!  Almost one month later and this is first attorney to contact us since we filed the May 29, 2018 lawsuit in which  all defendants failed to appear at our hearing in which the court ordered "temporary restraining order" preventing an auction company to have a "trustee sale" outside our county courthouse steps just weeks ago on June 5, 2018.  That was a close call.    All uploaded to Header of this site.


Just a few days gone by and we replied that we have no settlement demand to Nationstar's attorneys as of yet:  we first need them to get back to us and clarify whether they also represent a couple of other defendants who have not responded  to the lawsuit yet at all, i.e. Wilmington Trust N.A. and its parent company M&T Bank. The reason  we  can't make a "settlement demand" only to Nationstar's lawyers is quite logical:  Nationstar doesn't claim to own our "loan and debt,"  it's "Wilmington Trust, N.A. as trustee of ____ Trust" who all our attackers agree is the alleged owner of the debt and loan.    Nationstar has always stated it is a "debt-collector" only.    We also must define with specificity the settlement terms opposite defendant  Aztec Foreclosure Corporation or any of it's partners  since this defendant has been relentlessly attacking by filing Notices and presiding over auction listings of our home for over FOUR YEARS;  this LOGS Network franchise Aztec must therefore be included in any settlement agreement.  In short, any and all entities who do claim an interest, or who could or might do so anytime in the future - unto perpetuity -  plus any unknown "Does 1-100" must be included and covered in any "settlement agreement," so that we are indemnified against any future attacks; and so that we know that myself, our children and grandchildren and any heirs or any new owner of this property NEVER has to contend with and battle with any other entity regarding this specific "Note" and its "deed of trust" entered June 26 2006 opposite one "Aegis Lending Corporation," and that this long 10-year debilitating damaging dispute is finally put to rest.

We await clarification from opposing counsel and we go into prayer and meditation about what any possible 'settlement demand' must include as being lawful, fair, just, reasonable, equitable, fully protective and FINAL for us and our entire family, extended family, heirs, and future possible owners, and for the matter as a whole.

January 2017: 8-year veteran of this battle

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