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"Carl Jung observes that human beings can suffer anything if they know its meaning. ...

When contemporary humanity contemplates the cosmic picture now available, ...  there will be a far greater understanding and appreciation of the meaning of evil and suffering. ..."

~ excerpt from paper Understanding Evil in Human Experience, by Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger

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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  We are in an era of too much information, and much of it untrue, incorrect.  2 + 2 = 4.  It is never 5, that is an incorrect computation, and all architecture or formulaic plans based on error will fail.  

Thus, in this universe of space-time-matter and biology in which we find ourselves grappling with how to correctly navigate here, a reasonable and "sane" person (clear-clean mental functioning) will seek truth-tellers who ring "true" as we sift through the cacophony of chatter that proves itself untrue.

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4/01/2019 broadcast       Founder of Natural News and other online news sites, Mike Adams aka Health Ranger, is a lab scientist conducting tests for food and product safety, an author and journalist.       The truth about biological and physiological health and wellbeing for humans and other earthen creatures is a life or death matter!  We are at great risk of being duped by any false propaganda touted as "scientific" simply because it has the rubber-stamp approval of alphabet soup agencies like the CDC, FDA, EPA, AMA etc. in

the ABSENCE OF RIGOROUS STUDY AND TESTING worthy of being called"scientific."   The journalism topics vary and are wide ranging focused on dispelling propaganda and myth and instead educating people based on uncensored scientific and medical whistleblower expertise and research.

3/28/2019    Human beings are imperfect creatures, and all beloved of our heavenly Father.  Those individuals who have invited Help from divine realms, and thus CHOSEN to commit to ongoing resetting and fine-tuning of an internal compass and rudder aimed at Reality while sincerely prayerful for one's eternal soul; are my source of news and journalism.  


Hear one segment from a son of the Republic under Christ.    Alex Jones championed the clarion call for the Renaissance Republic:   "The solution to 1984 is 1776!"   Brace yourself for raw uncut news humanity deserves to receive, in the face of these dire times.   Background historical overview may be helpful here.


                                                              ~ a daughter of the Republic


5/2/19 emergency broadcast on


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 "When freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails;  And those that cried 'Appease, appease!' are hung by those they tried to please"  --  written on cell wall of British prison by anonymous American revolutionary war patriot

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What is 5G

and why should I be concerned?

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Two short sequential videos spoken by author Donna D’Ingillo, speaking on spiritual understanding contained in The Urantia Book, is a co-founder of a teaching and healing community (Institute of Christ Consciousness). These two short accessible video installments I’ve chosen to watch and consider, part of her current online series under the heading “The Correcting Time”, which is the time we are in now on the planet. The two video installments are titled: “Separation from Deity Source” followed by “Personal Responsibility in the Correcting Time.” Please check out these two richly-relevant conveyances by a wise and grounded teacher. The short meditations at the end are also helpful and good.


From, the page summarizing Personal Responsibility, from a spiritual perspective.


Music  that conveys purity, beauty, courage and righteousness

does much to soothe the soul  ... restore the heart to harmony ... and give new life

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Former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory  in my opinion is a man with perspective:  both historical and moral.  From his website:  

"Originally elected as a Democrat, Guillory made national news by switching to the Republican Party in June of 2013. In a video statement titled "Why I Became a Republican", Guillory famously articulated why he had chose to "escape the Government Plantation and the Party of Disappointment" and join the party of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. ..."

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I am a huge fan of the Constitution of he United States of America and of the historical fact that the founding fathers-and-mothers (as imperfect human beings as they were) NEVERTHELESS consciously and deliberately and openly INVOKED Natural Law and God's law and the recognition of the deity of Christ (not church but Jesus Christ), in the founding of this nation whose existence IS resistance to monarchy and maniacal tyranny - founded instead on the principles of Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING.    I, therefore, accept the personal responsibility to participate in this grand saga on the planet,  this great American experiment; and commit to do my best in our evolutionary process taking place now within the human species and in this Republic, a nation of laws, by definition.     If you, reader, be concerned about these troubling times and trends, and consider yourself  "tolerant" of diverse people and backgrounds, then LISTEN PLEASE TO THE CONTENT AND AIM of the speaker below; for your own edification and to ponder.

I am a huge fan of EDUCATION and am furious against false teaching of history, of logic, of science.

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"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion."

--Thomas Jefferson

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